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Global Business Academy 2

"You can work hard now or work hard later"

Tad Barton

The GBIT 2 Class is a real world simulation in Entrepreneurship.

This course explores key entrepreneurial concepts relevant to grass roots start up business and product development.  Through an articulation agreement with Riverside Community College, all students who earn a "B" or higher are eligible to receive 3 units of credit at RCC.

Topics include:

  • The entrepreneurial perspective

  • Start-up strategies

  • Business idea evaluation

  • Business strategic study

  • Business plan writing

  • Entrepreneurial finance

  • Delivering innovative products to the market place

  • Venture capital/private equity finance

  • Managing growth

  • Building and sustaining a successful enterprise

  • Entrepreneurial marketing

  • Development of proprietary products and services

  • Protection of proprietary concepts

  • International entrepreneurial perspective

  • Legal aspects of entrepreneurship


A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk

Click here for an outline of the course curriculum

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