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GBIT Trade Fair

We are proud to be guest at the Riverside Marriott each year for our annual Trade Fair.

  • Student networking

  • Extraordinary business projects

  • Developing entrepreneurial skills

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About our Annual Trade Fair

Each year, the public is invited to The Riverside Marriott, where The Global Business Academy hosts the annual GBIT Trade Fair. This event showcases the talents and entrepreneurial skills of about 60-70 North High School juniors who display their business projects which they have been working on during the school year. Students must prepare a business plan, do market research, prepare a display board and prepare all marketing materials for their virtual business. Students then conduct “business” in a simulated economy created by the teacher. The trade show allows students to showcase months of hard work in the community.

2011 Trade Fair 

2012 Trade Fair

2013 Trade Fair 

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