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Alumni Spotlight - Lucy Gallardo

Lucy Pereda was a quiet, shy Hispanic student who needed a class. She was lost and not sure what she wanted… so Mrs. Green (her counselor) placed her in the Global Business Academy and Lucy got a job due to her internship through GBIT at FATA Hunter. She paid her own way through CSUSB while working full time to help support her family. After graduation Lucy started an auto detailing business that she used to accumulate enough funds to open her Auto Body Shop, Inland Auto Body and Paint. Inland Auto Body and Paint has been voted top auto body shop in the Inland Empire two years running. Lucy recently won The Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award (Youngest Recipient). For more information on her award visit

Alumni Spotlight - Zafar Jafri

Zafar Jafri, a North High student and former Academy member, graduated in 2000. As a student at North, Zafar started his own internet business that grossed almost a million dollars before graduation. After graduation, Zafar received his Bachelor’s Degree from Clarmont McKenna and his Master’s degree from Cambridge University in England. After graduation from Cambridge, Zafar was hired by McKinsey & Co. as a Business Analyst. Zafar claims he has his dream job now working for JMI Equity as a Senior Associate.

Alumni Spotlight - Jamal Samuel

Jamal Samuel brought great pride to the Global Business Academy before his departure to Berkeley in the summer of 2010. Jamal was an outstanding student who maintained a near perfect GPA while playing an active role in numerous clubs and activities on North’s campus. K-Mart Inc. honored Jamal at the BET Awards Show where he recieved a generous scholarship for his academic prowess. Jamal was also the recipient of the "Riverside's Most Remarkable Teen" Award in 2010.

Alumni Spotlight - Andrew Guerra

Andrew Guerra, a proud graduate of North High School's Global Business Academy spends most of his time working with computers. As a Senior Computer Technician at The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino, Andrew is responsible for maintaining a vast network of computer hardware. Working with computers has always been a passion for Andrew.  As a 2005 alumnus, he is currently finishing up classes at RCC and planning to transfer to CBU.  Andrew values the networking skills he learned in GBIT and the emphasis the program places on building personal relationships to get ahead.

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